Prevention of Money Laundering and Suggestion Model for Banking System

Money laundering as a problem exceeded the national boundaries and became an international one. In order to prevent the black money and money laundering, countries

applied variety of methods. However, with the purpose of more effectiveness of the applied methods, economical and political aspects of the countries should take into consideration. Since Iran’s economical aspect differs from other countries specific methods should be applied.

During this study, first global anti money laundering methods looked over, then, with respect to Iran banking system a model has been proposed for money laundering prevention. In this model, national and international rules and ethics of various countries which applied different measures to prevent money laundering have been studied, and a model which employs AHP, priorities of prevention methods have been utilized.

Keywords: Islamic Banking, Participation in Banking, Interest Free Banking, Black Money, Money Laundering, Anti Money Laundering, AHP

     Prevention of Money Laundering and Suggestion Model for Banking System, 2015.07.01, LAMBERT Academic Publishing ISBN 978-3-659-75059-5, Saarbrücken, Germany.

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